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Shop Arroyo Kitchen Wholesale Prices on Faire

Retailers can now shop wholesale prices for Arroyo Kitchen by joining Faire! Join today and get 50% off on your first order (up to $150) and 1 year of free shipping—covered by Faire.*

*Available for retailers who are new to Faire. Maximum discount of $150 and free shipping with Arroyo Kitchen only. Expires 7 days after retailer signs up for Faire.

Why shop us through Faire?


50% off and 1 year of free shipping

Get up to $150 off your first order with us—covered by Faire.


60-day payment terms on all orders

When you order through Faire, use terms to buy now & pay 60 days later.


Free returns on opening orders

If something's not right, get a prepaid shipping label and send it back.


Ready to start ordering Arroyo Kitchen on Faire? 

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