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  • Can we buy Arroyo Kitchen Products in person?
    Yes! We are currently expanding our locations, but as of now, we are in these stores: Hawaii: Down To Earth Utah: Good Earth Markets California: Mission Square Market - San Diego Tri-County Produce - Santa Barbara Ojai Valley Ranch Market - Oak View Nebraska: Food E Concepts Inc. - Omaha Virginia: City View Market - Lynchburg Michigan: Toski Sand Deli-Party Store - Petoskey Illinois: Gene's Sausage Shop - Chicago Ohio: Clifton Market - Cincinatti
  • How many times can each tea bag be used?
    When brewed hot, our individual tea bags can be used up to three times within one day. Due to the nature of the whole tea leaves even when brewed multiple times, the brew will not taste watered down. When brewed cold, our individual tea bags can be used once.
  • How many flavors are there and how are they different?
    We have four different flavors of Premium Taiwanese Tea Bags! Rose Oolong Tea: Blended with real roses the delicate fragrance of rose petals combined with our semi-oxidized oolong tea creates a unique flavor profile of floral, malt, and smokey notes. Jasmine Green Tea: Our green tea is blended with jasmine flowers and compliments the tea with a floral taste and aroma. Green tea is made of unoxidized leaves and contains the largest amount of antioxidants! Osmanthus Oolong Tea: Osmanthus is a yellow-gold flower grown in Southern China. When blended with our premium oolong tea, osmanthus adds a distinctly sweet and buttery fragrance. Destress Oolong Tea: Our Destress Oolong Tea is blended with Osmanthus flower, mint, lemon balm, and verbena plant, which gives our blend a citrusy aroma and is refreshingly lemony with a smooth creamy feel.
  • What makes our tea bags a premium product?
    Arroyo Kitchen Premium Taiwanese Tea is sourced in the high mountain regions of Taiwan and only harvested 1-2 times a year in accordance with the seasons. Unlike mainstream tea bags that are filled with “dust” or “fannings” our premium tea bags are filled with whole tea leaves. (Watch the video below for further information!)
  • What are the tea bags made of?
    Our tea bags are made with BPA free corn fiber. We recognize and understand the concern of microplastics when plastic-based tea bags are heated to high temperatures. Our PLA tea bags can withstand high temperatures due to their high melting point. They are also biodegradable within one year!
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